A Sweet History

The Very First Sun Cups...

In 2008, we received a fateful knock on our door. A father, with a jar of sunflower seed butter in hand, presented us with a challenge: create a candy cup that his peanut-allergic son could enjoy. Our chocolatiers got to work, and soon after, the very first Sun Cups chocolate treat was born. We have since expanded to make a variety of allergen-friendly chocolate cups with bars on the way!

Made To Live Brilliantly

Creating a chocolate cup for everyone is no small task. It calls for total dedication to creating chocolate that is both incredibly delicious and allergen-friendly. That means that in addition to being Top 7 allergen-free, our products are certified gluten-free, certified Kosher, and Non-GMO Project verified. And we only use cacao beans that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. That means that the chocolate in everything we make comes from farms that look out for their workers and the planet. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Non GMO Project Verified Rainforest Alliance Certified Cacao Celiac Sprue Association
Superior Chocolate

Before we were making allergen-free treats, we were making delicious, premium chocolate. Luckily for everyone, we still are! When you enjoy a free2b treat, be it our classic sunflower seed butter cups or one of our other delicious treats, the first thing you are going to taste is our rich, brilliantly crafted chocolate.

Our Promise

free2b Foods will always be dedicated to your safety as well as to your satisfaction. As our company grows and we continue to create delightful and delicious chocolate treats, we give you our word: to never compromise, to never compromise, to never cut corners, and to never stop caring. So let's live. Let's laugh. And for chocolate's sake, let's share the love.