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    Sun Cups Variety Box

    Original Cups, Original Cups - Variety Packs

    Sun Cups Variety Box:

    Sometimes choosing is hard. We understand. When you have different tastes for different days, you can’t go wrong with the free2b Variety Pack, which includes all of our Original Cup flavors.  Keep it classy with our Milk Chocolate Sun Cups, or try something sassy with our Dark Chocolate Mint Cups. Maybe you are are looking for the decadence of dark chocolate, with the familiar feel of a peanut butter cup.

    In that case, our Dark Chocolate Sun Cup is just the thing. On the other hand, you may be craving rich caramel. Just reach for a Milk Chocolate Caramel Cup and make that craving a reality. Whatever you are feeling that day, rest assured that the Sun Cups Variety Pack is there for you.

    4 single packs of each flavor = 16 cups total

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